Rouvr Overview

Education sector has great opportunities as well as struggles, realising these obstacles, Rouvr was brought to life – by educationalist for educationalist. The name of our software is as unique and powerful as its functionalities. Rouvr is your friend, which is always available to help you – the stake holder: be it a student, a teacher, management or the parent. Rouvr is:

R - Resourceful O - Organized U - Unified V - Versatile R - Reliable

At its core will be the ability to create and use hundreds of customisable process workflows, assign & manage tasks, make & log communications (internally & externally), drill down to granular detail or view overall performance. The outcomes include costs savings, reduced data entry and manual work, increased productivity, increased efficiencies, access to real time information and better decision making.

From Admission to Alumni, Classroom to Boardroom, Promoter to Parents, Pick Up to Drop Off, Books to Uniforms, ID Cards to Transfer Certificates, Classroom to Online, Classwork to Homework, Rouvr has the potential to manage every single work process effectively. Following are the some amazing attributes of Rouvr:

  • Easy Online Admission Process
  • Less Time & Efforts Required
  • Smart Fee & Expense Management
  • Interactive Communication Portal
  • Content-rich Digital Platform
  • Effective Task Assignment & Workflow
  • Excellent Vendor Management
  • Organized Book Store
  • Intelligent Reports
  • Comprehensive Transport Management
  • Performance Management & Evaluation
  • Extensive Printing Ability
  • Employee Welfare & Management
  • Teacher’s Training & Support
  • Online School Store – internal or outsourced